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Ienari: The orchid samurai shogun of Japan. He filled the palace with orchid blooms. It opens with undertones of cherry blossoms and purple orchid gardens. It also gives off a regal masculine scent. Closing with notes of Japanese Cypress.


Samurai would wear incense in their helmets for battle, To ward off spirits, or distract the enemy. The power of smell is something never to be underestimated. How would you swing your sword at something that relaxes you? Would it slightly alter your senses 🤔?


I came up with concept during Covid19. I had only purchased one game in 2019. It was called Sekiro. The game featured a lone samurai fighting to save a child lord. It also had lots of flower petals, smoke, incense, powders, and wines. Running through temples etc. It gave an aesthetic to life around the samurai as opposed to only on the battlefield.


I also kept remembering the "samurai that smelled of sunflowers." (Recurring theme in Samurai Champloo.)


I decided that orchids held a deep mysterious presence. One that gave off the aura you would expect of a samurai. It has a certain air to it that says death might be on the horizon. Yet you are at peace with this. Or it is moreso that you know the death is your enemy and not your own.


After researching, I found Ienari. I found that Japan, to this day, has giant orchid gardens: mainly the preserved gardens left by Ienari. The exact flower is called Neofinetia falcata. It was so beloved by him that feudal lords would attempt to impress him by delivering their own personal blooms of the powerful plant. He would sometimes give them their own estate... I assume he would expect them to cultivate on said estate.


Only samurai were permitted to grow the flower leading to the name "samurai orchid." It became a symbol of nobility. Wealth. A mark of fine art and class. Luxurious.


Exactly what I want in a bottle. Or what I want to give others in a bottle. A small vivid piece of high society set in matching time and tone.


Fun fact: In 2005 a rare variety of Neofinetia falcata,aka samurai orchid, sold for $70,000. They serve as living paintings. In some cases, more valuable and treasured than original ink manuscripts.


November 2021

Ienari's 8th generation grandson Iehiro Tokugawa and his father are alive today. I am on a mission to contact him and send a bottle to the royal family. Please help us in this quest.


$250.00 Regular Price
$200.00Sale Price
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