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Many have requested that I release a fixative molecule for layering fragrances.

A 100ML of this molecule at 30% costs $80 in the mainstream market.

This 100ML contains 50% concentration.

Iso E Super is a soft, ambery, powdery musk that can layer with shorter lived fragrances to increase longevity or provide lift to notes that you wish were more prominent.

I know my fragrance house contains new and unique works of art, but that doesn't mean I expect you to stop loving the fragrances you already have from other brands. In fact I encourage fragrance lovers of all types. For that reason, I am releasing a universal item that can benefit everyone.

Directions: First, you will apply the Iso molecule directly to your skin using the atomizer. You will notice a nice shiny sheen layer. This will serve as the home for your fragrance of choice. Next, you will spray the area with your favorite fragrance and allow a few minutes for your skin to absorb the oils. Please do not rub or fan the area. The high oil concentration serves as a moisturizing agent. Your skin will enjoy the increased nourishment and glow.

Note: Due to high oil concentration there is no need to moisturize your skin with unscented lotion. It will, more than likely, prevent your skin from absorbing the scent molecules. Think of your skin like a sponge. For fragrances of lower concentration (EDT, EDP) lotion is very helpful because the fragrance itself doesn't provide much oil. At higher concentrations like Parfum and Extrait, it can be counterproductive. Please understand this is not a law. Ultimately it depends on your skin type and hygiene routine. We simply mention this to offer reasoning to consumers who have always wondered why certain "tricks or hacks" didn't work for them.


Trill J. Noel

that can benefit everyone at a very affordable price.

Iso E Super Molecule 100ML

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