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Xarmony is focused on providing new and unique experiences to fragrance enthusiasts who are tired of the same old tune. Innovative, futuristic, and revolutionary concepts take place within each fragrance to deliver a moment like no other. We believe it is our mission to increase our customers ability to stand apart from others and leave lasting memories with each encounter. Why smell like an ex when you can smell what comes next? 

We also pride ourselves on delivering a safe and quality product that can be trusted, Xarmony only sources materials that are cruelty free, paraben free, and phthalate free. Our bottles are UV protected to prevent light/sun damage to your precious oils, and will be as timeless as the legends that inspired their creation. Our fragrances are intended to take you on a journey though space, time, and art. Various legends and lores evolve within the brand like an adventure waiting to be discovered.

Our fragrances are made fresh to order so that customer can enjoy the experience how each scent evolves over time. We believe this provides a moment for a growing connection and deeper understanding of how notes play together. Xarmony lists majority of the actual notes involved in the fragrance unlike more mainstream brands. In some cases, a company is not owned by the perfumer. This is problematic as it creates an entire audience of people that are being mislead. Have you ever thought you liked or disliked a note, only to find the opposite take place with a different brand? We don't do that. It's not always your skin chemistry. Most of the time, it's the brands lack of transparency. Xarmony is fully transparent, going so far as to give too many ingredients. We only hope and wish that this may evolve a new generation of fragrance lovers and enhance the joy for noses all around.

We humbly invite you to join us in our mission. It is our dream to welcome you the Xarmony Empire where engineering and science collide to create magical concoctions in every bottle. Our perfumer and director, Trill Noel, has been practicing perfumery since 2019 after a lifetime of dedicated tutelage in the world of art, music, science, and engineering. "I traded all of my physics engines, robotics, virtual reality immersion, calculus, computer science, software engineering, lithography, videography... the list goes on. It is now crafted deeply into the confines of each perfume. I feel that here, I have truly found a place where my art is not limited by the technology of our time." - Trill Noel, LSU Digital Engineering (Masters Degree)


Through a fusion of engineering, chemistry, and art, Trill has created a space that exists outside of the copycat fragrance industry for those seeking to find new horizons. Xarmony, with it's avant garde approach, should be received as it's own entity. Judged by it's own set of laws. One simply does not enter Xarmony expecting it to resemble that which they have encountered before. We are alien. We are strange. We are wild. We are free. We are Xarmony.

"Between Yin & Yang there is equilibrium. The space in which it exists, is known as Xarmony."

- Trill Noel

June 2019: Carpet cleaning business, soapmaking, perfumery journey began.

April 20, 2021: Purchased first home at age 30

June 2021: Start of Xarmony LLC

August 29, 2021 Total Loss of home and business in Hurricane Ida. Fragrance Community pitches in to help relaunch.

November 2021: Xarmony mentioned in front of 65 countries during Scentxplore 2021.

January 2022: Xarmony 1.0 relaunched and first official orders began.

August 2022: Athena Sold Out

December 2022: Xarmony $10k Mission Accomplished

April 2023: Vanilla Collection "Community Voted Fragrance Line" launched

May 2023: Vanilla Collection Sold Out, Redesign, Reformulations, Rebranding begins.

August 2023: New sample set packaging. Luxury high quality upgrade. Price decrease.

September 2023: Bought a new home with 600sqft lab. 500sqft larger.

October 2023: Designed my dream lab

November 2023: Launched $20k campaign. Xarmony 2.0 begins

December 2023: Vanilla Collection Vote: Round 3 begins. Offering the public to select our next launch.

January 2022: 2 Year Anniversary of Xarmony. Relaunch of Rhodium.

February 2022: Vanilla Collection Round 3 Launch! 5 New Vanillas.

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