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A beautiful,clean, fresh, citrusy blend. Based on my travels to Italy as a child. Something simpler for all occasions. Perfect summer fragrance. Can be worn by all tiers of fragrance lovers from beginner to extraordinaire.


ADF opens with one of the strongest citrus entrances around. Not "orange" but CITRUS of all kinds. As the cloud of fruit salad fades, you are carried away to a Mediterranean Mimosa like none before. It sits atop a cloud of iris, cypress, and sandalwood with a nice flare of Vanilla and Limoncello. A hint of black pepper and rose for spice. If all of Xarmony came together in Italia, somewhere in the citrusy lemon groves of Capri, this would be the result. I imagine seeing Spartacus and Yasuke shaking hands, Ching Shih and Cleopatra sipping mimosas on the beach, and Loki starting a campfire in the background. Inspired by Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. (During the season with Giorno and Bucciarati I was heavily inspired by the concept of the Famiglia and the visuals gave me memories of my trip to Italy.)

Ingredients were chosen in collaboration with perfume reviewers:Bergamot @fernfragranceAmber @fragrance_freqSandalwood @xoloscentzdmvTonka Bean @keyiakPeach @marcialsblendsfragranceCedar @random_ass_fragrancesIris/Orris @vaportrailsfragrancesAmbergris @hausofdarlingperfumierBlack Pepper @luxurycatsperfumery


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- Trill Noel

CEO of Xarmony


$300.00 Regular Price
$270.00Sale Price
  • First fragrance available for discounted preorder. June 15, 2022

    Sold 13 bottles before Preorder sale ended.

    Became Xarmony's top fragrance.

    Currently behind Athena in bottles sold. ADF:17 Athena:22



    Inspired by Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. (Golden Wind)

    I decided to allow a group of my Instagram supporters and major fans choose ingredients for this fragrance. (They are not perfumers nor did they help with the creation of the formula) I wanted to make something for the community with input from the community itself. I have listed them below.

    Ingredients were chosen in collaboration with close friends & perfume reviewers:

    Bergamot @fernfragrance
    Amber @fragrance_freq
    Sandalwood @xoloscentzdmv
    Tonka Bean @keyiak
    Peach @marcialsblendsfragrance
    Cedar @random_ass_fragrances
    Iris/Orris @vaportrailsfragrances
    Ambergris @hausofdarlingperfumier
    Black Pepper @luxurycatsperfumery


    #xarmony #citrusperfume #citrus #italy #italia #capri #perfume #giorno #jotarokujo #anime #passione #xarmonyperfumes #ADF #jojosbizarreadventure #jojo #jojoreference #jojomemes 


    - Trill Noel

    CEO of Xarmony

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