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A scent that gets darker with each step of the drydown. A light citrus blend coated in bergamot hangs in the air above the ancient cedar fires. Sandalwood used as kindling to spark the flame. Roses and lavender sit patiently around the room. A rich Madagascar vanilla laced tobacco interludes into the smokestack.


For women: A beautiful array of nostalgic emotions are evoked. Reminiscent of sitting around the campfire with family or being near the fireplace during stormy weather. A blanket of comfort when all seems lost. Castle Black lets others know the depth of your soul. As if a rock song were playing around you, everyone will be able to, not only hear but, feel your heart.


For men: A warrior standing in front of the coming death. Doom does not phase you because you wield it in your own hands. Fear is irrational. You walk as bold and as abrasive as the Black Knight. Your heart is as dark as the smoke coming from your armor. You are a fire. BURN INTO THE NIGHT.


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$225.00Sale Price
  • Dark and cloudy skies embrace the roar of humanity.

    Timeless tales written across the walls come to life.


    If we die tonight, we die together.


    The air is thin. The earth, she sleeps.

    The torches burn heavy on the horizon.


    Ember and ash. Cinder and soot.

    We march into this hellish eclipse.


    The last bastion of hope.



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