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When she wants to feel like a boss bitch oozing with sex appeal.

"Step back boys. These cannons are loaded."


A rich blend of geisha and pirate. Sultry florals floating on top of peaches and decadent cream. A hint of vanilla to round out the jasmine undertones. A drop of gunpowder to add to the mystique.


$250.00 Regular Price
$225.00Sale Price
  • One of the fiercest pirates from China to ever set sail, Ching Shih began life as a sex worker and negotiated her own marriage to a pirate king. After his passing, she ruled over 70,000 sailors, creating a ruthless band of aquatic warriors.

    She ruled with a strict code of law. a pirate wished to keep a beautiful woman he would have to marry her, treat her well and be faithful. Failure to comply with those laws would result in the pirate's execution. Forcing a woman was also an executable offense as was adultery. Both would result in the chopping of your head or being strapped to a cannonball and fired into the sea.

    The Red Flag Fleet became such a formidable enemy that the Chinese launched an attack against Ching Shih but lost and the Red Flag Fleet was able to capture their ships. She also won battles against British and Portugese navy ships. Finally, in 1810, the Qing Dynasty offered the pirates amnesty if they would stop plundering coastal towns and ships. Ching Shih negotiated with the Qing Dynasty so that she would be able to keep all of her loot and she could marry her second-in-command, Chang Pao. They agreed and she took her fortune and opened her own casino. She died peacefully surrounded by her family at the ripe old age of 69. Yes 69. She just wins everything for me. (1776-1844)

    This fragrance is the woman taking back her power. Unashamed of her sexuality. Men would never tell her what to do ever again. She is boss. She is queen. Sleep with me or sleep with the fishes. Yes Mommy Shih. As you wish. (This was me joking but she actually married her stepson once his father the pirate king died.) NOTHING COULD STOP THIS WOMAN.


    Much like the story of many women today, she went from rags to riches. Empowering herself in a man's world and TAKING IT OVER. Can you think of similar stories today? Women that took over the industry who started out risque? Nicki? Cardi? Melania?

    Our perfume for her does not disappoint. It will make you feel every ounce of power she held. Be glorious ladies. Your time is now.

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