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OP·6 mo. ago Xarmony Gang

Lily of the valley, geranium, rose, sandalwood, mentha piperita. It smells like a steampunk rose coated in brass and copper. It has a royal touch to it. Vibrant and regal, almost like angels of death coated in gold... in a field of roses... so it seems pleasant but has an underlying depth to it.

It has an air of royalty. The hot irony brassy rose overlay presents a metallic state. One not used much in perfumery. It made me think of a queen in golden armor or hot jewelry under the sun.

I can see a woman like Cleopatra, surrounding herself with rose petals, and laying on a fancy bed of the same. Such grace. Decadence in her divine jewelry crafted in the golden lore of old.

Strong as the brass copper steel coated rose. Thorns and all.

Meant for a woman with a little kick to her. She's got some spice. That umph.

The daughter of a mechanic. The girl that isn't afraid to work with tools.


I like to think Cleopatra would be happy to have smelled such a fragrance. She would wear it to defeat the men of the court. Intoxicating them like moths to a flame with a scent unknown to them. A hidden gem only found in her court. She would forge alliances. She would have them fight wars in her name. As she walked in the grace of Isis, Goddess of Roses.

I have named it Cleopatra. With a strong lean toward Isis. Or simply SIN.


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    Generation Three is what I consider the full extent of my perfumery talents. The niche fragrances belonging to this line are extremely potent, powerful, transformative, and promising true tangible DEPTH. Actually, this is an understatement to say the least. You can smell these before even opening the box. Much more powerful than designer fragrances.

    Chemically Engineered greatness using only the best aromachemicals. Guaranteed to last 12hrs plus. Field tested and crafted perfumer Trlll Noel.


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