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A beautiful woman, at the center of celebration, dances across a hall of visitors, chalices filled with only the finest wines, and eyes full of lust. Desire. Passion.

Decadent white florals fall as petals across the floor as she spins. The desserts are sweeter than vanilla amber coated in cinnamon. The music fades as she spins her web of intoxicating bliss. No one can resist her warmth.


If you are a woman that likes men fighting over you, you need Diao Chan in your life. History says that Lu Bu took the life of his adoptive father, Dong Zhuo, in a struggle over who would have Diao Chan.


The fragrance is intended to enrapture and ensnare men. Alluring in nature and decadent in depth, Diao Chan is nothing short of irresistible to all who come before you.


This fragrance is dedicated to Domestic Abuse Survivors and Domestic Violence Awareness. Trill Noel has partnered with The Butterfly Society in Baton Rouge.


$250.00 Regular Price
$225.00Sale Price
  • Diao Chan, a legendary figure from Chinese history, is often portrayed as an empowering woman who used her beauty and intelligence to manipulate key figures in the late Eastern Han Dynasty to bring about change. Her involvement in the conflict between the warlords Dong Zhuo and Lu Bu ultimately led to a chain of events that contributed to the downfall of the Han Dynasty. Diao Chan's actions reflect a woman who defied societal norms and wielded her influence to challenge the power dynamics of her time, making her an enduring figure in Chinese folklore.

    Diao Chan is revered as one of the four great beauties of China. She was as graceful as the night stars with a face to match the moon itself. Ultimately, it was her revenge that earned her a place in history. Vengeance was her name. Liberation was her motive.


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