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Fall fragrance Kallisti is warm and spicy. A rich blend of booze, woods, spices, and fruits. Imagine sipping boozy spiced apple cider with a shimmering gold apple on your glass. As you indulge in the moment next to a crackling fireplace, you turn the page beginning the next chapter of your favorite novel. Layers well with Athena, Vanilla E Super, Xarpo, and Khione Perfume

Notes: Candy Apple, Golden Apple, Champagne, Nutmeg, Amber, Palo Santo, Vanilla Bean, Opoponax, Musk, Rosewood

Kallisti is a fusion of candy apple and apples made of gold. Both apples are floating in cognac & champagne of the gods. It is whimsically glorious while maintaining a drunken air of fancy. The story is that Eris was not invited to Athena's Bachelorette party. She threw a golden apple into the room with the word Kallisti (greek word meaning "to the prettiest one") carved on it. Obviously all 3 women, Athena, Hera, and Hades, began to fight. A judge was called in and the women tried to bribe him. Athena offered the hand of Helen the most beautiful woman on Earth. The judge Paris decided Athena should have the apple. The only problem... was that his "prize" was already married. Athena. 🤗🤯😵 This is how the Trojan war began.Eris is a woman known for giving life to Chaos. Our brand is all about balancing chaos. So we needed to add a little golden spark into the mix.


contains eugenol & spice which may cause skin sensitivity


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