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Top: Citrus, Jasmine, Chamomile, Peppermint

Middle: Sea Salt, Mahogany, White Musk

Base: Vanilla, Tobacco, Driftwood

Ocean waves crash into the rocky shore of an icy crag as the first light of citrusy sun peers through the gentle horizon. A quaint yet melancholy mahogany ship teeters along loaded with precious cargo. Like fragments in the wind, chamomile tea, puffs of tobacco, and petals of white gold whisper. Comfort is a rare moment in the turgid seas.


Between torrents of wild weather, crackling lights streaking the gloomy skies, and tumultuos thunder, Loki encapsulates the morning after the storm. A brief moment of relaxation savored by every sailor. Each one celebrates and welcomes the balance of chaos.


Loki opens with a fresh calming blend of sunshine and ice. Citrus notes covered with clean oceanic tones provide a vivid contrast to the frozen chill of delicate mint. Crates ofchamomile, barrels of vanilla, satchels of creamy tobacco, communicate quiet moments of small joy. From beginning to end, Loki is a fragrance that provides a seemless, almost invisible transition from one stage to the next.

"A nobleness among the turgid soul that stands tallest amidst chaos. Loki is a tree that falters in the absence of anxiety and chaos. But stands so boldly, with confidence, in the madness he has already conquered. A feat that could not be accomplished by a lesser man."

- Trill Noel


$250.00 Regular Price
$175.00Sale Price
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