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TOP: bergamot, lavender, pine, cardamom, lemon, peppermint, metal


MIDDLE: amber, honey, saffron, violet, ozone, rose, plum, black currant


BASE: oakmoss, animal, patchouli, cedar, oud, amber, ambergris, white musk , agarwood, tobacco, orris, vanilla, benzoin, guaiacwood


Oudmint is a fragrance that transcends time itself by giving birth to a glorious combination unheard of in the modern world. A rich tone of honey, plum, and lavender balance the deep chocolate like agarwood oud. A powerful blend of fruity clean encompasses a sweet creamy base to provide a comforting tranquil display never before seen in the world of oud perfumes.


As if from the future itself, or an unearthed relic of a lost civilization, Oudmint stands boldly. A new direction in the history of perfumery. Undeniable and everpresent.


"Easy everyday wear, addicting, and beginner friendly for anyone interested in oud fragrances that aren't offputting. It really takes you on a journey." - Press Reviews


  • Official Release: January 2023

    Created: November 2022

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