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CHIYOME: A coconut 🥥 cut in half floating in the ocean while it rains. Milk 🥛TEA 🍵 is inside the coconut with CHERRIES. 🍒 🌸 Cherry blossom, vanilla, bergamot, Japanese Yuzu, Bamboo, Sea Salt, Cypress, Ylang Ylang, Freesia. A sweet fruity woman that sits between Ienari and Yasuke.


I felt like I needed to create a feminine moment in my representations of Japan. I was surprised to discover a woman with such a story that also coincided with the Yasuke-Ienari connection. Her fragrance is delicate and baby soft as if whisping on top of the water itself. It feels like the silent breath taken before one would strike for the kill. Chiyome is so calming and relaxing but her hands, delicate and beautiful as they are, will soon be at your throat. The type of fragrance that truly puts you into a chokehold. Chiyome's got a hold on you. There is no escape. 


Chiyome has been described to smell like candied starbursts and Japanese sakura mochi ice cream.


Preorders began July 2022.



Contacted a woman in Hawaii about her order of Athena. During the call she mentioned that she was adopted as an orphan from Japan at the age of 2. I told her Chiyome's history.

I cried and sent her a sample of Chiyome. If she enjoys her, I have a surprise in store.

(To be continued)



$300.00 Regular Price
$270.00Sale Price
  • Chiyome is known for creating the only band of female ninjas in the history of Japan. She was a literal Tsunade for those of you who get the reference.


    Chiyome recruited sex workers, victims of the Sengoku civil wars, and orphaned young girls. They were trained to become information gatherers, seductresses, messengers, and assassins, and were also taught the skills of a miko, which allowed them to travel without suspicion. Over time, her kunoichi learned to effectively use more disguises such as actresses, sex workers, or geisha, which allowed them to move freely within villages, towns, castles, and temples.


    Eventually, Chiyome and her kunoichi had set up an extensive network of some 200–300 agents that served the Takeda clan. Thanks to their abilities, the Takeda clan was able to stay one step ahead of enemies.


    She existed around the same time as Yasuke. In fact the two of them were at war with eachother. Her story ends when the Tokugawa and Nobunaga Alliance defeated the Takeda clan. Yasuke was Oda Nobunaga's right hand man. The Tokugawa clan is also the family of Ienari.


    All three fragrances are interlinked in history. For that reason Xarmony is planning to release it's first major Collection in the near future.

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