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A powerfully rich delicacy offering an elegant display of a vanilla infused symphony. A truly harmonius blend of vanilla and amber. Vanilla E Super promises endless vanilla beyond 12 hours. It can be used to improve longevity of other fragrances or worn by itself for stunning fragrant effect. The vanilla is in it's purest form in combination with Iso E Super. (A molecule known for enhancing and working with the chemistry of the wearer.)


Many have used Vanilla E Super as a replacement for lotion. Due to its high level of oil concentration it can be considered as moisturizing. You will notice a rich sheen upon application. Instead of using unsafe pthalate lotions as a fragrance base, many have opted to layer wih Vanilla E Super as it is such a universal scent.


If you are a true vanilla lover, seeking deep fulfilling clouds of smooth creamy vanilla, the experience of Vanilla E Super will be nothing short of a masterpiece!


Extrait concentration over 40% Nearly half of the bottle is concentrated aromatic oils.


Vanilla E Super will become more potent and detectable as it macerates. I make every bottle fresh so my customers can grow with them as they macerate. Helps them to perceive more of the process. I hope this transparency can benefit fragrance lovers.


It is majority base notes to be more efficient and effective at layering combos. Vanilla E Super will whisper to you randomly. Dancing on your skin effortlessly.


Iso E Super is known for projecting your natural chemistry. Vanilla E Super makes your natural chemistry project with sweetness added.


If your nose isn't detecting it at first, don't worry. It will get much more concentrated. Iso E Super usually smells like "you" once on skin. This may possibly be a nose blind moment for some as we are naturally less prone to detect our own scents. It's a very crazy molecule.

Vanilla E Super Molecule EXTRAIT - 100ML

  • - Released Summer 2022

    - Success: 50 bottles in 10 days Nov 1-10 2023

    - Most universal and pure elegant vanilla

    - Top selling layering base

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