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Vanilla X² offers a vintage cloud of fluffy vanilla. Perfumer Trill Noel (@trillnoel) has combined a cloud of marshmallow and vanilla to establish velvety perfection. Our offering promises endless vanilla beyond 12 hours. It can be used to improve longevity of other fragrances or worn by itself for stunning fragrant effect. The vanilla is in it's purest form in combination with Iso E Super. (A molecule known for enhancing and working with the chemistry of the wearer.)

If you are a true vanilla lover, seeking to feel like you are engulfed in warmth from a distant past, the experience of Vanilla X² is your voyage!

Extrait concentration over 30% oil. Nearly half of the bottle is concentrated fragrance oil instead of water and alcohol. Xarmony believes in offering you the best quality money can buy.

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  • - Sold out 2/18/2023

    - Top Sweet Gourmand Vanilla

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