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Vanilla x Caramel is a luxurious perfume that blends the sweet and rich aroma of caramel with the comforting scent of vanilla. Caramel has a long history in ancient societies as a symbol of happiness and celebration, and this fragrance captures that essence perfectly. It feels like a decadent caramel cake with layers of creamy frosting and hints of vanilla throughout. The scent is so deliciously indulgent, it even has notes of dulce de leche and creme brulee. It may be considered potent as it propogates a heavy condensed toffee note. DENSE TOFFEE! 


Imagine biting into a warm caramel cake, with its buttery goodness and sweet caramel sauce oozing out. This fragrance has the same scent of dulce de leche, a popular Latin American caramel dessert but it feels like wearing a creamy creme brulee on your skin, leaving a lasting impression wherever you go. Perfect for those who want to feel luxurious and sweet all day long.


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