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Vanilla x Fig, is an exquisite blend inspired by ancient Greek recipes. The fragrance focuses on the essence of honey, pear, fig, macadamia, and pure vanilla, resulting in a delightful aroma. In ancient Greek cuisine, figs were a popular ingredient in various desserts. One such dessert was melitoutta, which consisted of dried figs soaked in honey and wine. Xarmony has cultivated a rich and dark ambery wine accord intended to embody the mythological Dionysus, god of wine.  Fig treats were often enjoyed during festive occasions and symbolized abundance and indulgence. Another delightful fig dessert was sikopita, a traditional fig cake. Made with a mixture of figs, almonds, honey, and spices, sikopita was baked until golden brown and served with a dusting of powdered sugar. Both melitoutta and sikopita exemplify the ancient Greeks' appreciation for the natural sweetness of figs and their ability to create delectable desserts that were enjoyed by all for centuries to come. Vanilla x Fig stands as a homage combining both recipes in order to fully accentuate the palette in regards to Greek Antiquity.



Black Madeira

Mediterranean Fig

White Wine of Dionysus Accord


Ikaria Honey

Deep Amber

Iso E Super

Apricot Italia

Tonka Bean

Caramel Molasses

Sugars of Bacchus

Greek Spoon Sweets

Black Vanilla

Fig Cake

Honeyed Pear

White Chocolate

Blonde Ambergris





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