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Our VANILLA x MARSHMALLOW perfume is a luxurious scent that captures the sweet and fluffy aroma of a freshly roasted chalklike tart marshmallow with a hint of lavender, juicy pear, pineapple, sugar, and vanilla. This scent has been expertly crafted using state of the art engineering and science to create a truly unique and memorable fragrance. Let this scent take you away to a place of relaxation and comfort as you enjoy the sweet, yet subtle, aroma of VANILLA x MARSHMALLOW.


Imagine yourself walking through a lavender field as you take a bite of gooey chewy chalky marshmallows. The fragrance opens with a playful dancing vibe that can only truly be described as rainbow chalk. It is blended together in a way that makes for a highly unique xarmony. 10-12hs later you will fall asleep on cozy clouds of vanilla and dry airy beds of marshmallowy dreams. Perfumer Trill Noel engineered this fragrance to contain the actual DNA of a marshmallow from top to bottom. Highly realistic down to every detail. Sugary sweet, airy, chalky, playful, slightly fruity. Reminiscent of dry sugar candies from childhood. Elegant and refined marshmallow for the most prestigious & sophisticated gourmand lovers.


Warning: Do not purchase if you are expecting more of the same. Xarmony stands by it's mission to offer an escape from the mundane. We are not creating improvements of "insert other product." We most likely will not be the dupe you have been looking for. Trill is known for exploring territory that is untouched by modern fragrance houses and combining engineering, science, and art to deliver truly unheard of combinations. With this in mind, expect Vanilla x Marshmallow to be the marshmallow that we didn't know we needed.


  • Marshmallows are made by combining sugar, water, and gelatin molecules that are whipped together to create a light and fluffy texture. When vanilla extract is added, it produces a rich and creamy flavor. The gelatin molecules help to create a unique structure that holds air and water, giving the marshmallow its soft and chewy texture. Multiple types of sugars like glucose and fructose can provide different tones to a marshmallows overall flavor. Perfumer Trill Noel implemented the chemical structures of real life marshmallows mid-caramelization to develop this elegant rendition. The marshmallow is simply medium rare by the fire as opposed to being well done, overcooked, or charred. Vanilla x Marshmallow brings focus to the dry moment where there is a  chewiness in the center and the outside is slightly toasted. Not yet gooey but very chewy. This is also possibly the first time a fragrance achieves the chalky like tones most of us know from marshmallows. (Think of those sugar candy cigarettes, smarties, or sweet tarts from the 90s)


    A deep level of detail promises that this combination of science and ingredients is sure to deliver a long lasting delicious treat.

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