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Xarmony's new luxury perfume Vanilla x Moonlight is an olfactory masterpiece curated by Trill Noel to create a timeless and dramatic experience through scent. Trill Noel envisioned  moonlight as it reflects off the surface of the water, embodying a sense of mystery and allure, in order to bring a concept of scent to that which is scentless. Scientifically, the moon's gravitational pull affects the Earth's water, causing tides to rise and fall in a rhythmic dance. This concept of the moon's influence on the tides was translated into a rich blend of Vanilla x Moonlight, capturing the essence of a moonlit night by the sea.


Each note in Vanilla x Moonlight plays a vital role in creating this enchanting fragrance. Spaceberries and Prunus Armeniaca add a fruity and succulent touch, while Alien Mint and Matcha Tea bring a refreshing and invigorating quality. Purple Tea and Violet contribute a delicate floral essence, enhancing the overall complexity. The Moondust Accord and Aquamelon give a mystical and watery nuance, reminiscent of moonlit reflections on water. Black Currant and Ambergris provide depth and richness, while Petrichor evokes the earthy scent after rain. The warmth of Amber, Iso E Super, and Vanille de la Lune is complemented by the floral notes of Jasmine and the creaminess of Tonka Bean and Vanilla. Oakmoss and Ambernova add a woody and resinous undertone, and Sea Salt adds a touch of oceanic saltiness, completing the multifaceted fragrance journey of Vanilla x Moonlight.



Prunus Armeniaca

Alien Mint

Matcha Tea

Purple Tea


Moondust Accord


Black Currant




Iso E Super

Vanille de la Lune


Tonka Bean




Sea Salt


"Like shining in a sweet brightness of golden velvet as it bounces over the water."




  • Xarmony was able to make contact with NASA in regards to gathering information on the scent of comets, space debris, and the moon itself. 

    Xarmony spoke with the Oceanography Department of LSU, our perfumers alma matter, in order to better understand how the moon and currents are interlinked.

    Trill Noel's vision for the fragrance was to capture the ethereal beauty of moonlight touching the ocean's surface, bringing to life a concept usually devoid of scent. The scientifically proven impact of the moon on tides, known as tidal forces, exerts gravitational pull on Earth's oceans, causing them to bulge in the direction of the moon's position, leading to the rise and fall of tides. Thanks to a series of studies and data demonstrated to us, all of our questions were answered. Tidal changes impact the flora, fauna, and ecosystem in a significant way that explains why some humans can feel or perceive tidal changes before they take place.


    Special thanks to NASA and our good friends at Louisiana State University

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