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We give rise to the first black man to ever set foot on Japanese soil. They bathed him attempting to wipe the dirt away then were shocked because it didn't come off. They believed he was born of the Earth which gave him incredible strength. For that reason Yasuke has VANILLA+ CYPRESS + CEDAR+ MATSUTAKE+ EARTH+ OUD+ SULHPUR (Black Currants give off a fruity sulphuric scent that goes deeper than Oud. Yasuke is bold in his blackness). He is @XarmonyPerfumes first Oud fragrance.

Oda was so impressed with Yasuke that he gave the man treasures and money. Treatment Yasuke had never experienced before.

He was taller than the men in Japan. They had been untouched by the outside world and meeting Yasuke changed the way they viewed the planet forever. There are a few artifacts from the time period showing a tall figure, painted black, sumo wrestling with japanese men of a different skin tone. Historians believe this to be Yasuke.

Yasuke went on to join Oda's military force and died as the only Black Samurai in history. (This isn't a fantasy story. Yasuke was brought to Japan by religious missionaries as a bodyguard.)

He was bold. He was powerful. He was born of the Earth. His skin was like hardened rock. And he stood as tall as tree.

A fragrance has never been so woody.
A fragrance has never been so Earthy.
A fragrance has never been so BLACK.


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